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Indigo Round Cut Knob Large (only 2 left)
from the Sunburst Knobs supply limited Cut Glass Knobs (supply limited)

We are happy to present our Cut Glass Collection of cabinet and furniture hardware. These knobs are produced by local artisans in the state of Karnataka, India. The Glassmakers of the city of Firozabad use recycled glass, small-batch furnace pots, and traditional cutting and polishing techniques to produce knobs with character and substance. All of our cut glass knobs come with hand-fitted brass hardware. These cut glass knobs come in different sizes depending upon your selection.

Diameter of base= 1.25\" Diameter of face= 1.75\"
Cut glass and Brass

SKU: SBK-0800475

Material: Glass Sustainable/Recycled

Company: Sunburst Knobs supply limited

Product Line: Cut Glass Knobs (supply limited)

Product Type: Knobs Sustainable/Recycled

Price: $ 10.00


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