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Abstract - Galaxy Fire Red Glass Sink
from the Ex Dec Abstract Sinks

This is a unique, beautiful and colorful Glass Sink. The Glass Design changes color ranging from lighter to darker tones depending on the angle of light. From ordinary shades of yellow and orange to rich explosive colors of candy apple red and dark cherry all fused together in one abstract design. This bowl is great for various styles whether you like classic, artistic, or the modern style of today. These colors are great to match with. This Beautiful Hand Made Sink is composed of two layers of tempered glass. The double layer tempered glass is five times stronger than a single sheet of tempered glass. The craftsmanship is outstanding; you cannot buy a better quality glass vessel sink anywhere at this price. (GV200)

SKU: ED-A172

Material: Glass

Company: Ex Dec

Product Line: Abstract Sinks

Product Type: Sinks/Vessels

Price: $454.91


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