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Diamond Knob (12 piece min. order)
from the Turned in Stone (min purchase 12) Diamond Ferrule Knobs (minimum purcahse 12)

Diamond cut Diamond Knob, measures 1 5/16\" W x 1 1/4\" Height.

Available in 8 different metal finishes and 41 different granites.


Material: Wood/Stone

Company: Turned in Stone (min purchase 12)

Product Line: Diamond Ferrule Knobs (minimum purcahse 12)

Product Type: Knobs

Price: $ 16.50


Hint: Please jot down your product preferences (color, size, etc.) before going to the cart, as you'll need to make final selections there.

Height: Medium (1"-2")

Granite or Marble Color: (click to enlarge)

Almond Mauve

Antique Labrador

Azul Imperial

Baltic Brown

Bianco Romano

Black Beauty

Black Galaxy

Blue Lorenzo

Blue Pearl

Cecilli White

China Green / Sea Foam

Costa Ezmerelda

Crown Red

Dakota Mahogany

Emerald Pearl

Giallo Real

Giallo Veneziano

Gold Carioca

Gold Yellow

Ice Flower Blue

Impala Black

Imperial Brown

Jiangxi Yellow

Kashmir White

Leopard Skin

Light Gray

Luna Pearl

New Venetian Gold


Pearl White


Santa Cecilia

Shrimp Red

Tan Brown

Toasted Almond

Tropical Brown

Verde Butterfly

Verde Fontaine

Verde Maritaka

Verde Ubatuba


Wave White

Metal Finish: (click to enlarge)

Satin Nickel