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Clear Glass Vessel Sink & Waterfall Faucet
from the Ex Dec Sink and Faucet Combinations

"Enjoy getting ready for your day with this lovely bowl, available in either a transparent (clear) glass or frosted glass finish. Please select your preferred bowl finish in the 'available options' drop-down menu. The bowl is simple yet elegant, and will match any interior - you simply canít go wrong. This hand-made sink is also composed of two layers of tempered glass, making it five times stronger than a sink from a single sheet of tempered glass.

The faucet is constructed from solid brass, is available in Satin Nickel, Chrome, Gold, Brushed Chrome, Antique Copper, and Antique Brass finishes, and features a Glass Plate. Please select your preferred faucet finish from the 'available options' drop-down menu. You can also choose a plate color for the faucet. The valves that control the water flow contain ceramic cartridge, a component that ensures year after year of trouble-free service. The images on the right illustrate everything that is included with the set. The craftsmanship is outstanding; you cannot buy a better-constructed or better quality set anywhere at this price.

Sink Dimensions:

17 inches in diameter

5.5 inches high

Mounting Ring adds 0.5 of an inch

Hole Size required 1 3/4 of an inc

Faucet Dimensions:

Glass Plate - 6 1/2"" Round Clear Glass plate made of tempered glass.

Height - 13'

Net Faucet Weight - 2.8 Lb"

SKU: ED-A29-C-896

Material: Sustainable/Recycled Glass

Company: Ex Dec

Product Line: Sink and Faucet Combinations

Product Type: Sustainable/Recycled Bath Accessories Sinks/Vessels

Price: $259.00


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