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HOLES - Bargain Knob for Hobby Use
from the Nature's Handles LLC Nature's Wood - KNOBS


Bargain Knobs for the person with imagination. These are attractive cream colored wood knobs in there own right. They were manufactured for a front plate that fit into the extra hole on the top.

Using decals, stickers or painting you can really personalize these knobs for your remodeling project. The flat top measures 1 1/8 inch square. 1/4\" hole runs through knob.

The preferred way to mount this knob is to use a ferrule and screw like the glass knobs use. These can be found in the glass knob section, use the one for a 1 inch glass knob. You can also use your own method of mounting this knob.

No screw provided.
Diameter: 1 1/2\" square (38 mm)
Projection: 11/16\" (17 mm)


Material: Wood

Company: Nature's Handles LLC

Product Line: Nature's Wood - KNOBS

Product Type: Knobs

Price: $ 1.10


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Bargain Knob for Hobby Use

Height: Small (up to 1 1/2)

Wood Finishes: (click to enlarge)