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HOLES Large Caramel Wood Knob - Low Profile
from the Nature's Handles LLC Nature's Wood - KNOBS


A large low profile caramel colored wood knob with plenty of wood grain showing. The hole goes all the way through this knob. Can be attached with a wood screw from the front. Screw not furnished.

This 1-7/16\" diameter solid wood knob is just right for so many applications where a matching or contrasting pre-finished solution is needed. Saves all that sanding, sealing, staining, and finishing, and looks great against whitewashed or, for that matter, any washed finish.

The preferred mounting of this knob is to use a ferrule and screw like is used with glass knobs. Go to our glass knob section and order the ferrule that fits the 1 inch glass knob. You may also use your own mounting system.

Diameter: 1 7/16\" (37 mm)
Projection: 7/8\" (22 mm)


Material: Wood

Company: Nature's Handles LLC

Product Line: Nature's Wood - KNOBS

Product Type: Knobs

Price: $ 1.35


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Height: Small (up to 1 1/2)

Wood Finishes: (click to enlarge)