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Two Prong Antler Handle
from the MacPhail Studio Antler Collection

These stick out forming an arch for a hand hold.
Ranges from 4-6 inches in length (you can request specific sizes when ordering in the comment box) You will need to drill custom holes for these.


Material: Antler/Bone Sustainable/Recycled

Company: MacPhail Studio

Product Line: Antler Collection

Product Type: Handles Sustainable/Recycled

Price: $ 27.00


Hint: Please jot down your product preferences (color, size, etc.) before going to the cart, as you'll need to make final selections there.

(click to enlarge)

Two Prong Antler Handle

Color: (click to enlarge)

Bone Antler

Height: Medium (1"-2")

Length: Medium (4-7")