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Skipping Stones Studio is located in the heart of the Panhandle of Idaho. They believe they have found paradise. The people of Skipping Stones Studio feel every process of manufacturing is a delight.

First is the hunt and the careful selection of each unique stone. They acquire permits and are very conscious of maintaining the integrity of Mother Earth. While hiking and canoeing, they search for the perfect conditions where water and shore meet to naturally tumble the stones into the shapes and sizes desired.

100% of the stones used in this collection are gathered.

Next the creative process begins by the transforming stones into functional art, that's the fun part and it doesn't stop there.

Finally, these beautiful stones find their way into your home, onto cabinets or drawers or tabletops, and continue in their own timeless way to inspire you!

We enjoy working with designers and clients to select and blend stone colors for their desired effect. No transaction is finished until you are happy.

Skipping Stones Studio Product Lines

Glacial Stone Door Knob (rock)

Glacial Stone Knobs

Glacial Stone Pulls

Robe Knobs - Curtain Tie Backs

Split Knobs