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Architectural Accents is committed to serving the larger community by creating a beautiful, quality product from recycled glass. They want their customers to be more than just satisfied, they want them to be happy. That is why all Architectural Accents products are 100% guaranteed in workmanship and quality.

Recycled glass is collected, crushed, washed and mixed with metallic oxides that will produce rich colors when melted. Once the furnace is loaded with 500 pounds of the crushed glass, the "batch" is transformed into a glowing liquid and "cooked" at 2300 degrees over night. Unique items created exclusively by hand casting and the use of molds and stamps. Creating treasure from yesterday's trash is a beautiful thing, and they are proud to make products of simple beauty that also help reduce landfill waste in the bigger community.

Aurora Accents Product Lines

Accent Tiles

Drawer Pulls

Rosette Blocks