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Throughout the eastern cultures, bamboo has been a symbol of serene inspiration, as Buddha himself preferred it in his house. Bamboo is durable, and flexible, having a tensile strength stronger than steel, with a hardness comparable to maple wood. It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth--some species grows 2 inches per hour—and matures to harvest in about a year. Most trees take decades to produce the same amount of material; a 60-hectare plot of bamboo equals 500 hectares of rainforest! It is grows like grass, it grows from the base up, doesn’t die at harvest; it just keeps on growing. It holds soil together between harvests, preventing erosion, and stopping rain run-off. It acts as a natural water treatment plant in its ability to utilize water pollutants as a fertilizer, transforming harmful elements into useful materials.

Renewable, sustainable, recyclable, reusable beauty and versatility—practically perfect!

Bamboo Product Lines

Bamboo Handles and Knobs

Bamboo Racks