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Providence Artworks (Supply limited) Tagua Nut Collection (looks like Ivory)
Once used extensively for plain and fancy buttons before the advent of plastics, the ivory of the Tagua compares very favorably with real animal ivory, (only a little bit more fragile). It looks like ivory, feels like ivory, is almost as strong as ivory and even yellows with age as does real ivory. What makes it absolutely guilt-free is that it comes from a palm tree, helps rain forest communities by providing employment of harvesters and skilled artisans and is both humane and legal. Providence calls its new ivory line, aptly, the Ivory of Tagua Collection. There are a dozen shapes to choose from and, since they are truly hand-carved, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Each knob is hand carved by Ecuadorian artisans and will vary slightly in size and shape. Similar to animal ivory, Ivory of Tagua will gain a pale yellow tone as it ages.

Each Ivory of Tagua knob includes one 8-32 x 1" screw. Other screw lengths available upon request.

(NOTE: these tend to be a little fragile over time we reccomend buying 1-2 extras for replacements that will have aged the same)

Beveled Knob (3 available)

Classic Knob (4 available)

Cube Knob (10 available)

Cube-Shell Knob (2 available)

Curved Cube Knob (3 available)

Egg Knob (1 available)

Ellipse Knob (3 available)

Rectangle-Shell Knob (3 available)

Winecork Knob (3 available)
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