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Smith Wood Line Refrigerator Pulls
Our wood refrigerator pulls, or appliance pulls, are perfect for use on appliances with custom door panels, large drawers, and pantry cabinet doors. We stock them in cherry, maple, walnut, and oak, in two styles.
Our screw-on knobs are drilled for wood screws that are 3/4" deep. We recommend the screws that we stock. These pulls do not come with screws which are easily obtained at local hardware stores.

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Cherry

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Oak

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Walnut

Refrigerator Pull Smooth - Cherry

Refrigerator Pulls Smooth - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Smooth - Oak

Refrigerator Pulls Smooth - Walnut
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