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SeaStones Coast Hooks
Coast Hooks are real stones on copper standoffs, securely mounted on beautiful solid hardwood backplates. The stones are gently rounded through years of rolling in the ocean. They are carefully selected from rivers and beaches all over New England and are used in many practical and decorative ways:

In entries as hooks and racks for hanging coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, etc.
Near showers and bathtubs as robe and shower hooks
In bedrooms and walk-in closets for hanging clothes
In bathrooms and kitchens as holders for hand and dish towels
For window treatments such as swags, tiebacks and curtain rod holders
As door handles and even outdoors near pools and spas
As tasteful and versatile gifts that provide a natural accent to any decor

Coast Hooks Single

Coast Hooks Double

Coast Hooks Triple

Coast Hooks Quad
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