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Store >> Ferrule Knobs (minimum purchase 12) (6 products)

Turned in Stone (min purchase 12) Ferrule Knobs (minimum purchase 12)
(12 piece minimum order)
This knob with a 3/8" thickness come in the following shapes;
Diamond, Circular, Oval, Square, Triangle, and Hexagon.

Choose from 8 different metal finishes and 41 different granites.

In addition, send us your choice of granite for your very own custom choice!

Circular Knob (12 piece minimum order)

Diamond Knob (12 piece minimum order)

Hexagon Knob (12 piece minimum order)

Oval Knob (12 piece minimum order)

Square Knob (12 piece min. order)

Triangle Knob (12 piece min. order)
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