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DuVerre (Recycled Metal) Forged 2 (Recycled Metal)
By Heinz Pfleger
Heinz Pfleger was trained in Austria and now makes his home in Canada. He is one of North America s most talented metalsmiths.
He concentrates primarily on one-of-a-kind architectural projects and fine furniture.

Finger Pull - Round

Small Handle - Round

Medium Handle - Round

Large Handle - Round

Small Knob - Round

Medium Knob - Round

Large Knob - Round

Extra Large Knob - Round

Finger Pull Square

Small Handle - Square

Medium Handle - Square

Large Handle - Square

Small Knob - Square

Medium Knob - Square

Large Knob - Square

Extra Large Knob - Square

Finger Pull - Twist

Small Handle - Twist

Medium Handle - Twist

Large Handle - Twist

Small Towel Bar

Medium Towel Bar

Toilet Paper Holder
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