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Notting Hill Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemumís medallion depicts a flower which was cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC. Available in four finishes; cherry, dark walnut, maple and natural. The brass is available in either antique or brite finish. The pewter is antiqued and the nickel is available in a satin finish.

Chrysanthemum - Cherry - Antique Brass

Chrysanthemum - Cherry - Antique Pewter

Chrysanthemum - Cherry - Brite Brass

Chrysanthemum - Cherry - Satin Nickel

Chrysanthemum - Maple - Antique Brass

Chrysanthemum - Maple - Antique Pewter

Chrysanthemum - Maple - Brite Brass

Chrysanthemum - Maple - Satin Nickel

Chrysanthemum - Natural - Antique Brass

Chrysanthemum - Natural - Antique Pewter

Chrysanthemum - Natural - Brite Brass

Chrysanthemum - Natural - Satin Nickel

Chrysanthemum - Walnut - Antique Brass

Chrysanthemum - Walnut - Antique Pewter

Chrysanthemum - Walnut - Brite Brass

Chrysanthemum - Walnut - Satin Nickel
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