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Nature's Handles LLC Natural Stone Collection - KNOBS
Natural Stone Cabinet and Drawer Pulls. Nature’s Handles bring the beauty and elegance of nature into your home.

Hand chosen for their color, texture, patterns and shape. These natural rocks are sure to complement your cupboards and drawers in your kitchen and bathrooms. Each handle is unique unto itself making each room as beautiful as nature intended.

Or let us provide you with the chance to design your own, we call it YOUR CHOICE! Add your own prsonal touch. Send us your favorite rocks and drawing and leave the rest to us!

8/32 thread - 1" long screw included with each knob.

Indonesian Rock Knob - Small

Indonesian Rock Knob - Medium

Indonesian Rock Knob - Large

Polished Moss Rock Knob - Small

Polished Moss Rock Knob - Medium

Polished Moss Rock Knob - Large

Polished Onyx Rock Knob - Small

Polished Onyx Rock Knob - Medium

Polished Onyx Rock Knob - Large

Raw River Rock Knob - Small

Raw River Rock Knob - Medium

Raw River Rock Knob - Large

Polished Sienna Rock Knob - Small

Polished Sienna Rock Knob - Medium

Polished Sienna Rock Knob - Large

Tan Rock Knob - Small

Tan Rock Knob - Medium

Tan Rock Knob - Large

Custom Knob - Small

Custom Knob - Medium

Custom KNOB- Large
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