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Store >> Hand Crafted Wooden Knobs (15 products)

Architectural Products Hand Crafted Wooden Knobs
These knobs are ready for stain or paint and are presented in various woods taken from grade "a" hardwoods; Ash, Beech, Maple, and Pine. Each knob is triple sanded. Included with each knob is a 8/32" X 1" wood screw.

Beech Knob - Ball

Beech Knob - Disk - Small

Beech Knob - Disk - Medium

Beech Knob - Disk - Large

Beech Knob - Disk - Extra Large

Maple Knob - Inset Circle

Pine Knob - Raised Circle - Small

Pine Knob - Raised Circle - Large

Ash Knob - Raised Square

Beech Knob - Square - Small

Beech Knob - Square - Large

Maple Knob - Carved Berry - Small

Maple Knob - Carved Berry - Large

Maple Knob - Carved Rose Petal - Small

Maple Knob - Carved Rose Petal - Large
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