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Providence Artworks :

Classic Knob (4 available)

Beveled Knob (3 available)

Arizona - Small - Brass

Arizona - Large - B. Nickel

Arizona - Large - Brass

Arizona - Small - S. Nickel
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Notting Hill :

Owl - Cherry - Antique Brass

Owl - Cherry - Antique Pewter

Owl - Cherry - Antique Copper

Owl - Walnut - Antique Brass

Owl - Walnut - Antique Copper

Owl - Walnut - Antique Pewter
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Nature's Handles LLC:



OUT OF STOCK Natural Wood Pre-Finished Maple Pull

Unfinished Oak Wood Pull with Routed Groove on its Sides

Pull Wood Bow Solid Oak

Attractive Carved Oak Drawer Pull
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Architectural Products:

Beech Knob - Ball

Beech Knob - Disk - Small

Beech Knob - Disk - Medium

Beech Knob - Disk - Large

Beech Knob - Disk - Extra Large

Maple Knob - Carved Berry - Small
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Skipping Stones Studio:

Pull - Satin Nickel

Knob - Large - Black Only

Knob - Large - Random Colors

Knob - Small - Random Colors

Pull - Titanium

Split Knobs
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York Street Collection:

Woven Leather Square Pull - Large

Woven Leather Square Pull - Small

Simple Leather Handle - Small

Simple Leather Pull - Large

Leather Luggage Handle - Small

Leather Towel Bar - 28 In
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Atlas Homewares :

Bamboo Weaved Knob - Large

Bamboo Weaved Knob - Small

Bamboo Wrapped Handle/Pull - Short

Bamboo Wrapped Handle/Pull - Large Mega

Scalloped Horn Knob

Layered Octagon Horn Knob
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Art for Living Collection :

Blue-Green Galaxy - Small

Blue-Green Galaxy - Standard

Gold Galaxy - Small

Gold Galaxy - Standard

Buttercup - Small

Buttercup - Standard
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MacPhail Studio :

Cabinet Antler Handle

Two Prong Antler Handle

One Prong Antler Handle

Genuine Deer Antler Burrs
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Engraved Knobs :

Celtic Cross Knob

Golfer Knob

Lion Crest Knob

Baby Shoes Knob

Balloons Knob

Monogram Knob
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Aurora Accents :

Accent Tile - Celtic Liner Bar 1 x 6

Accent Tile - 1inch x 6inch Liner Bar

Accent Tile - Stepped Fret Liner Bar

Accent Tile - 4in Sprial Tile

Accent Tile - Teardrop

Drawer Pulls - 1 inch Round
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Smith Wood Line:

Cabinet Pulls - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Cherry

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Oak

Refrigerator Pulls Smooth - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Smooth - Cherry
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Sunburst Knobs supply limited:

Spiral Nugget Knob (only 3 left)

Bone - Acorn Knob (only 16 left)

Amber Round Cut Knob Small (only 1 left)

Indigo Round Cut Knob Large (only 2 left)

Indigo Round Cut Knob Small (only 1 left)

Indigo Square Cut Knob Large (only 4 left)
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Ex Dec :

Clear Glass Sink - Black Transparent

Clear Glass Sink - Brown

Clear Glass Sink - Crystal Broken Glass

Clear Glass Sink - Crystal Clear Glass

Clear Glass Sink - Transparent Glass

Clear Glass Sink - Clear Glass
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2-11/32 In Barrel T-Bar

4-17/32 In x 4-3/8 In Shelf Brackets, Matte Black (Discontinued, Stock is limited)

4-17/32 In x 4-3/8 In Shelf Brackets, Chestnut Brown (Discontinued, Stock is limited)

4-17/32 In x 4-3/8 In Shelf Brackets, Chocolate (Discontinued, Stock is limited)

1-1/2 In Square Pull

2-5/16 In Leather Chinese Hat Pull
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Turned in Stone (min purchase 12):

Part C

Triangle Knob (12 piece min. order)

Part A

Part E

Part D

Part B
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Coast Hooks Single

Coast Hooks Double

Coast Hooks Triple

Coast Hooks Quad
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Bamboo Clothes Rack

1 3/4 In Bambo Knob
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Ellipse, Bronze

Bowtie, Bronze

Zazen, Bronze

Kidney, Bronze

Waterbox, Bronze
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Pacific Shells:

Arabian cowrie knob - sm

Arabian cowrie knob - lg

Unedo cockle knob - sm

Arabian cowrie knob

Royal cloak scallop knob - lrg

Royal cloak scallop knob - med
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Niche Architectural Elements:

SinkNiche - Grandios w/o Nickel

SinkNiche - Grandios w/Nickel

SinkNiche - Ovala w/o Nickel

SinkNiche - Ovala w/Nickel

SinkNiche - Pizo w/o Nickel

SinkNiche - Pizo w/Nickel
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DuVerre (Recycled Metal):

Solid Cube

Square Knob

Rectangle Knob

Small Pull

Square Knob

Medium Pull
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Brown Leather pull 9590
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