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Nature's Handles LLC:

OUT OF STOCK Natural Wood Pre-Finished Maple Pull

Unfinished Oak Wood Pull with Routed Groove on its Sides

Pull Wood Bow Solid Oak

Medium Wood Pull

OUT OF STOCK Slim Line Light Oak Pull

Classic 50's Natural Wood Pull
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Architectural Products:

Beech Knob - Ball

Beech Knob - Disk - Small

Beech Knob - Disk - Medium

Beech Knob - Disk - Large

Beech Knob - Disk - Extra Large

Maple Knob - Inset Circle
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Engraved Knobs :

Celtic Cross Knob

Golfer Knob

Lion Crest Knob

Baby Shoes Knob

Balloons Knob

Monogram Knob
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Smith Wood Line:

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Cherry

Refrigerator Pulls Smooth - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Raised - Oak

Cabinet Pulls - Maple

Refrigerator Pull Smooth - Cherry
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Sunburst Knobs supply limited:

Mango Wood Knob Yellow Small (only 1 left)

Mango Wood Knob Green Small (only 2 left)

Mango Wood Knob Pumpkin Large (only 3 available)

Mango Wood Knob Red Small (2 available)

Mango Wood Knob Green & Yellow Small (only 2 left)

Mango Wood Knob Red & Yellow Smal (14 available) Picture shows black but color is actually RED.l
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Turned in Stone (min purchase 12):

Oval Knob (12 piece min. order)

Circle Knob (12 piece min. order)
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