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Providence Artworks :

Classic Knob (4 available)

Beveled Knob (3 available)

Cube Knob (10 available)

Cube-Shell Knob (2 available)

Curved Cube Knob (3 available)

Egg Knob (1 available)
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Notting Hill :

Lily - Walnut - Antique Brass

Lily - Natural - Antique Pewter

Lily - Walnut - Antique Pewter

Lily - Walnut - Antique Copper

Lily - Maple - Antique Brass

Lily - Cherry - Antique Pewter
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Nature's Handles LLC:

HOLES Bargain Knob for the Hobbyist

HOLES Dark Stained Wood Knob for Insert

HOLES - Bargain Knob for Hobby Use

HOLES Deep Mahogany Solid Wood Backplate

HOLES Furniture and Cabinet Hardware Knob with Oak Insert

HOLES Large Caramel Wood Knob - Low Profile
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Architectural Products:

Beech Knob - Ball

Beech Knob - Disk - Small

Beech Knob - Disk - Medium

Beech Knob - Disk - Large

Beech Knob - Disk - Extra Large

Maple Knob - Inset Circle
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Skipping Stones Studio:

Knob - Large - Black Only

Knob - Large - Random Colors

Knob - Small - Random Colors

Robe Knobs - Curtain Tie Backs

Split Knobs

Glacial Stone Door Knob Set
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York Street Collection:

Woven Leather Square Pull - Large

Woven Leather Square Pull - Small
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Atlas Homewares :

Bamboo Weaved Knob - Large

Bamboo Weaved Knob - Small

Scalloped Horn Knob

Layered Octagon Horn Knob

Round Horn Knob
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MacPhail Studio :

Genuine Deer Antler Burrs
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Engraved Knobs :

Celtic Cross Knob

Golfer Knob

Lion Crest Knob

Baby Shoes Knob

Balloons Knob

Monogram Knob
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Aurora Accents :

Drawer Pulls - 1 inch Round

Drawer Pulls - 2 inch Fish

Drawer Pulls - Diamond

Drawer Pulls - 1 inch Dome

Drawer Pulls - 1 inch Square
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Sunburst Knobs supply limited:

Spiral Nugget Knob (only 3 left)

Bone - Acorn Knob (only 16 left)

Amber Round Cut Knob Small (only 1 left)

Indigo Round Cut Knob Large (only 2 left)

Indigo Round Cut Knob Small (only 1 left)

Indigo Square Cut Knob Large (only 4 left)
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Turned in Stone (min purchase 12):

Triangle Knob (12 piece min. order)

Oval Knob (12 piece min. order)

Circular Knob (12 piece minimum order)

Diamond Knob (12 piece minimum order)

Square Knob (12 piece min. order)

Hexagon Knob (12 piece min. order)
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1 3/4 In Bambo Knob
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Pacific Shells:

Arabian cowrie knob - sm

Arabian cowrie knob - lg

Unedo cockle knob - sm

Arabian cowrie knob

Royal cloak scallop knob - lrg

Royal cloak scallop knob - med
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DuVerre (Recycled Metal):

Solid Cube

Square Knob

Rectangle Knob

Square Knob


Small Knob
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