Our goal is to bring the beauty and elegance of nature into your home.

Nature's Handles LLC was created in 2005.  In 2003 I remodeled my kitchen and doubled its tiny size.  I was looking for something natural to use as knobs for my new cabinets, but I could not find what I wanted.  I love to walk on the beach and in rivers.  While playing in a local river I found some beautiful river rocks and realized that this what I wanted for my knobs.  

This was the start of Nature's Handles LLC (natural stone knobs).  I have since added more decorative hardware from other manufacturers, all of which incorporates some kind of natural material, stone, wood, bamboo, grass, flower etc... (watch closely we will be adding many more products over time.)  

If you are looking for anything specific let us know, if it is available, we will find it for you!

We manufacture the Natural line from Nature's Handles ourselves.  The other products are manufactured by other companies.

For the natural line we find the majority of the grey River Rocks at local beaches and rivers in Oregon. When ever I go to the beach or river, it is a fun treasure hunt!   I return to my car with my pockets bulging and sagging with the weight of my newly found treasures, that I am excited to share with you.  

Each stone is hand crafted into durable knobs, that come with a 5 year unconditional warrantee on manufacturer defects.  If they break we will replace them free of charge, however, they just don't break!

I hope you enjoy having nature brightening and livening your home as much as we do!

May we all fill our homes with the beauty and elegance of nature!